Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aimee's first day at kinder

Aimee had her first day at kinder on Friday, only from 9 until 1130. when i dropped her off she kept saying you can go now Mum, and when i picked her up she didnt want to go, she said she wasnt ready to go home yet. Kinder again today 9 until 1230, and I must admit I am enjoying these couple of relaxing hours (almost) to myself :) Charlotte had a little nap when we first got home, and it feels strange being in the house in complete quiet so i had to put the radio on.
Aimee is very helpful getting ready in the morning, gets herself dressed and finds her hat, packs her lunchbox and reminds me to fill her drink bottle.
She already knows alot of the kids as we attended the 3's playgroup held there last year.
Well I better get going because soon it will be time to go and pick her up!

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