Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kazan's sketch 23

My friend April is celebrating her 21st this weekend, and I have followed Kazan's sketch over at 2sketches4you when
making this card for her, although I did flip the sketch on its side. I dont have any tweezers in my scraping cupboard and I (or the mischevious 4 year old) have misplaced the ones from the bathroom so I started trying to place the little rhinestones onto the numbers by hand but was getting the PVA glue everywhere and making a frustrating mess, then I remembered I had some needle nose pliers from when I went thru a beading phase. (and I have plenty of earrings and necklaces that I dont wear to show for it lol)
Anyway so the pliers came in very handy, and I would have liked a thicker ribbon but all I had that would fit thru the buckle bit was black...
April is having a themed party, "bad taste" and as we have very good taste (lol) my friend Kate and I will be heading to the op shops this morning to see what we can find :) Well looking at the time I should be turning the computer off and getting ready. Thanks for stopping by and would love to hear what you think.


  1. I love that you flipped the sketch and made it your own - all the symbols of a beautiful 21st make this card very special.

  2. Your friend is going to Love this card:) I love the colors and the butterfly!

  3. What a pretty card! I love how you flipped the sketch and the butterfly is beautiful!!!

  4. Love how you added the rhinestones to the numbers. Great idea!!


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