Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a long post!!

Well... it's only been 2 weeks but feels like longer! While my computer was getting serviced I got a bit of cleaning and organising done in the sunroom, which is where our computer is. My sister has an old flat-top desk in storage so since she has no plans to come home for a while I've asked her if i can buy it off her, and she says if I can organise to get it here no worries. It will be perfect for scrapping on and I wont have to listen to MR. Whinge when there is no room to sit at the dining table to eat tea... lol.
But John doesnt like this idea, now that I am tidy and there isnt stuff stacked on stuff stacked on stuff he thinks we could put a TV in here... or a fish tank. And when I say fish tank I'm talking 4foot lol. I said he has a whole shed that he wont let me put things in, so no. The sunroom is mine. I've set up the girls play kitchen at one end next to the old couches (which John can take to the shed to sit on and watch his TV if he wants!) and I'm on the lookout for a little wooden clothesline for the dolls clothes. I should have a look on ebay... I'll pop that on the list of things to do today.
Charlotte turned 1 on Saturday!! I cannot believe how fast this last year has flown! We bought her a truck with a tipping tray, a dressing gown and slippers, and I'm going to get her a cabbage patch newborn once it comes in, I had to order it. We still have all the baby toys from when Aimee was little so it was sort of hard to decide what to get. John's parents have bought her a trike with a trailer :) so once she can ride that I'm sure Aimee will be giving her races up and down the drive way!
Oh and here is a LO i put together following the sketch at Beary Box but that was hmm... 2 weeks ago I think, LO #25 and I couldnt up load it before getting the computer serviced. They post great LO sketch every Monday and Card sketch every Thursday so hop over and check out what the prize is, there is one lucky winner each week!
I've jotted down some sketches and will hopefully be back later with some cards! Thanks for stopping by and happy blogging :)

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