Monday, June 8, 2009

only 4 months to go!

4 months until what you say? Well in 4 months I will be Mrs Theodore. Ok well 4 months and 2 days but who's counting! Just wanted to post a couple of photos, the first are the candles John's mum and I picked out for the centre pieces for the tables, we're going to put them on large white dishes surrounded with little pinecones. My dress is a champange colours, Charlottes is green and Aimee's will be chocolate brown, but I am still searching for the right one. The candles smell delicious! We ended up with 12 of each, so 36 candles as we're estimating 10 tables of 8, plus the bridal table.
The second photo are the invitations I have designed, sentiment on the front reading 'our love is for today, tomorrow and ever after', and John laughed when I showed him the sample one, but he didn't say take it off and I like it so it's staying! The inside font is Tahoma for our names, and arial for the rest. I am so pleased with how they have turned out!
We have booked our venue, and will be getting married in thier beautiful gardens, then holding reception in an old woolshed that has been renovated I guess you could say, and its just oozing with rustic country charm. I'm planning on booking a celebrant tomorrow, and we're still discussing weather we would like a band. I would like a band and John would like to take a CD player with out favourite CD's.... and he calls me a tightass becasue I buy no-name brand wheat-bix lol
Anyway I'm off to put a few more invitations together, John's parents have gone to QLD for the week to see his brother, and we'll give them the first invitation on Sunday so I have until then to finish the rest. And I'll have to get some more rafia before then anyway.
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