Tuesday, July 14, 2009

day 125 and 134

Good morning, I was worried I wouldnt have time to post until tonight because John is home from work today and I dont want him to think that all I do is blog and craft while he's at work. Luckily he has ducked into Stratford to get some pipe to fix the blockage leading to our tank that we discovered on the weekend.
Here are 2 cards I made last night for two challenges over at 365 Cards hope you like them!
Day 125 card with a closure, the ribbon goes right around and ties at the right.
Day 134 Super Sketchy Sunday, I love working with sketches and after throwing around a few ideas this is what I came up with, and you know how sometimes you just make something that gives you that feeling of acomplishment? well I got that from this card. I love working with craft brown cardstock and pink brown and white always look fab together. I tried to get a close up of the cute little button duck I used to hold my flowers together but I cant get the camera to focus. I really wanted to put {sweet} as my sentiment, but have no small t's and only 1 small e left in this white chipboard, and the capitals didn't look right. I may have to invest in some alphabet dies for my bigkick... so expensive tho and I really should be saving for October not spending... maybe I'll take a quick look on ebay :P
As always I would like to thank you so much for stopping by, and I would LOVE to know what you think of my cards, and would like to wish you all Happy Bogging xx


  1. Love both of your cards...lovely work...don't you hate it when you run out of the chipboard letters you need? I love how your card turned out though...

  2. Jessica, you are a great cardmaker!
    Love your cards, and the colors you use! Love the big letters HI!
    Have a nice day!
    xo Dora

  3. Lovely work! You're so creative!

    Saskia :)

  4. Hi Jessica! I love the idea of the ribbon. Great work as always =)

  5. I love the heart card, it is very elegent!


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