Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More cards for July

Good afternoon. Some how the morning has passed me by and all of a sudden it is lunch time! I will quickly post 2 more cards I have made to catch up on the challenges over at 365 Cards
Day 130 - that tickles me.
The only thing funny about this card is how bad it is. I am no good at trying to be funny, believe me... I've been working on different ideas for this challenge for over a week and I officially give up trying. The stamp is from penny black, and I coloured him with my tombo markers that I dont really like and wish I hadn't bought. I'd rather colour with my derwents. The lady at the Scrapbooking shop said it would take practice to get used to the markers, I dont have time for practice lol... I just want to be good at using them now.
Day 133 - Imagine this: bubbles
Well... I'm almost happy with this card. I cant draw fishes lol, and the practice ones were better. I found the little blue 'bubble' stickers in k-mart over the weekend and with the bubble challenge in the back of my mind I thought they would be perfect :) my original plan was the card to be the shape of a fish bowl. I might try that when I have more time.
Thanks for stopping by, and if you think there is anyway I could have improved on my 'funny' card please let me know.
I need all the help I can get! :D
Happy blogging xx

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  1. Love these funny ones! Don;t know how to improve them, I nver ahve make cards like this, but this is really cute!
    hugs and have a nice day Dora


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