Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another award!

The beautiful Juhi over at Juhi's handmade cards has honoured me with another award! Wow!! I'm simply stunned and I very much appreciate you thinking of me, Thanks Juhi :)
I'd like to pass it on to Tessah, Jane (aka memory scrap), and Dora for their beautiful comments. It's so nice to know people want to come back to my blog, and are looking at what I make and have nice things to say, it's very encouraging! So THANK YOU ladies, please take this award and pop it on your blog when you get a chance xx


  1. Congrats girl on your award, and thanks for give it to me! Monday I placed the award with the questions, and this week I will place the others, and it's great to visit your blog, so I'm sure I will come back!

  2. Firstly Congrtulations!! Your work is beautiful so it's no wonder you have been given the beautiful blogger award, it's a joy to come and see what you have been up to. And secondly thank you for passing it on to me, it was such a lovely surprise and so exciting!! I'm sure you will recieve so many more in the future, but they never get boring. I will give you a mention on my blog with a link to your site later. Love Jane xx


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