Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Award from Nikki

Good morning, I had hoped to show you a LO I completed last night, but my camera is playing up. It's my birthday next week and I am having a hard time deciding on weather I would like a new camera or some copics... John says it's my choice lol it's a hard one!
I juat wanted to share a lovely award I recieved from Nikki. Thanks so much Nikki, and I hope to see more of your work soon!
I'd like to pass it on to the following 8 lovely ladies who's blogs I do enjoy dropping into:

BJ Mama







Annie B

Thanks for stopping by and once I've recharged the camera batteries, I'll be back with my LO for the challenge over at UYS!!

Happy Blogging xx


  1. hiya sweety!!!Wow what a lovely options you are having for your bday.I go for the camera.loL! Advance hun! Thanks for this award youre such a sweet lady!

  2. This award is too cute, congrats on your award and thnx for gaving it to me, I will place some awards today, thnx so much,...and I love to visit your blog!

  3. O thank you so much!!!! My daughter was sat with me as I was scrolling through my dashboard and she saw the bambi picture and said "o mum click on that 'brambles" picture!!! When I did what a lovely surprise, you are so kind. I will try to forward it on to some of my ladies, if i ever work out how to link names as you have!! Have a great day and thank again, Love Jane xxxxx


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