Sunday, August 9, 2009

A lovely award :)

I've recieved an award from Nikki. Thanks very much Nikki :)

Now this award comes with some conditions... firstly I have to give you 5 things I like to do, and then pass it on to 5 people.

Here are my 5 things: 1) I love listening to the funny stories my 4 year old Daughter Aimee tells me. There is never a quite moment when she is around! 2) I love Saturday nights in with John :) 3) I love listening to the new noises Charlotte is making, and watching her discover new things. 4) I love Scrapbooking and card making (I just wish I had more time for it) 5) I love listening to music when I'm doing my housework (but I do not love housework :P) Here are the 5 people I would like to pass this onto :) Michelle Gloria Kimmie Tessah Dora Thanks for stopping by, I'm going back to card making now! Happy blogging xx


  1. Hi hun!!!Lol at your no.5!heheheh! same here. Thanks for this tag.Will do it soon!

    I have an award to you pop in here


  2. Ow thanks so much Jessica! I will give it to other bloggers, when my notbook is back, hopefully Theusday! Thanks so much you've made my day!
    xoxo Dora


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