Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Waiting waiting...

Waiting for the rain to stop, or even just slow down so I go chop some wood and light the fire in the loungeroom. While I'm waiting I just want to post about Karmyn's fab candy over at The Chronicles of Orange, she is also a DT at If the shoe fits...Scrap it!

Pop over to Karmyn's blog and check out what you have to do to be in the draw for this lovely lot!


  1. That look great.....yummie!
    xo Dora

  2. Hi, i'm new to your blog but just added myself as follower. I love finding new exciting people on blogland! Your little ones are so cute, no wonder you started scrapping. Jane x

  3. thanks for posting my candy, Jess! :) loving your blog, girl - your new stuff is GAW-JESS! :)


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