Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friends and Coffee

So John riding his motor bike in the backyard + Charlotte waking up = one mad Mumma lol John has decided to escape my crazy and head out on the bike for a little while. But thats not really what I came online for lol I have a card I finally finished for the challange over at 365 Cards Day 187 - Label it! and I found it a challenge.
I searched my cupboards for a label, then the fridge, then at the supermarket lol. Eyeing off my coffee jar this morning wishing I had bought a smaller jar I remembered the spare coffee in the cupboard and the lable was just the right size! Riva coffee! Added a scalloped oval in a pack I recieved from the wonderful ladies over at Use Your Stash with "Coffee tastes better with a friend" stamped on it. Paper from stash, choclate brown ribbon, jute string and an orange button. Happy with the result! Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to see what else I can get done before John is back! Happy blogging xx


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