Friday, September 11, 2009

Todays Challenge...

Well for me the challenge was house work today lol I set the timer and worked my butt off for 45 mins... and then did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed.
Sadly that means there is no time left for making cards or blogging as Aimee finishes kinder in 40mins and I still have to make Charlottle lunch, peg out another load of washing, and pack the bags for Grandma's. Oh and find my work uniform... lol I wonder where that is....?
Anyway there is only one month left until I can call myself a wife lol so I thought I had better start acting like one :) hopefully John is pleased, or at least notices what I accomplished this morning :) and hopefully I'm not too tired after work and get a few cards done, I bought some supplies yesterday and I really want to play with them now. But work I must. Sorry about the boring post lol
Hope you all have a fab weekend!
Love Jessica :) xx


  1. This happens to me more often than's life. Sad, but true. If only we could craft for a living....

  2. I wish you a relaxing/fun/happy weekend!


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