Tuesday, November 10, 2009

White space and a whinge lol

So I didn't go to spotlight VIP shopping night which I am extremely disappointed about :(
At 7pm when I was getting ready to leave John asked if I could take Charlotte. I asked if he was joking. Apparently not. Then it started. John thinks I always get to do what I want and leave the kids at home with him... I'd like to know when lol I didn't enrol for photography class on Wednesday nights becasue it started before Charlottes bed time. There isn't much I do want to go to without him and the girls... Anyway I could go on lol but I'm sure no-one wants to hear my whinge so onto the card :)
Here is Pams 'white space' sketch:
and here is what I came up with:
I understand that the deal is the white space on the sketch doesnt have to be white, just blank with no embellishments. If you saw my lase card... yes its that same Dena paper again lol I like to use up what's on my desk before I pull too much more out or I end up with a big big big mess and then kids are pulling it down on the floor and charlotte eats my papers.... one day we will get a bigger house and I'm claiming a room with a door! A whole room! Since I get my own way all the time.....
Well thanks for stopping by I off to check some monday challengs and make a couple of cards before bed, John thinks I'm sooking since I didn't end up going so hopefully he is asleep before I go to bed lol xx


  1. This is stunning Jessica, love the shapes and the colors!

  2. You have been so busy, so many gorgeous cards, I like the simplicity of this one!!
    It is hard at home all day, we all need our own time out too, hope you're feeling better today!!
    I have not joined this RAK, so much happening I just never seem to get on top of things at the moment?? Made a dent in the xmas shopping this week & got stuff for kids, but now have to sneak it back out of the loft to wrap as hubby away alot at the mo??
    hugs Angela x


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