Friday, December 25, 2009

Something a little different...

Good evening everyone! I do hope you have all had the most fabulous Christmas! We had a nice relaxing day with our parents and my brother and his partner, and a delicious BBQ for lunch and left overs for dinner. Lots of music and dancing and the girls really enjoyed playing with the new toys :)
I just wanted to share a couple of photos of a little fella I found over near our lemon tree... never seen anything like it although we do get alot of bugs and spiders out here I had never seen in town. Anyway here he (or she) is :)
Isn't this the most beautiful little creature! Mother nature surely makes some amazing things! But please dont get me wrong... I wouldn't be calling it beautiful or amazing if it was running up my arm! I cant say I'm a fan of spiders but he's pretty far away from the house so I think I'm safe ;)
We've got some exciting plans for renovating our house and looks like John will be letting me have a craft room all to my very own! With a door I can shut hehe, atm I have half a family room blocked off with a desk and 2 seater couch but my 18month old monkey can already make her way in and too many sharp things so I've been tidy-ing up! can you imagine! When I'm finished I might even post a photo or three! hopefully back with some cards during the week, and keep your eyes out for my DT work for the Sketches! Starting January!!! How super exciting!!!!
Well enough from me, time for some snoozing after a very long day. Take care one and all for a safe and wonderful festive season, may you all enjoy it!!
Love and best wishes, Jessica xxxx


  1. Oh WOW.. how weird is that.. These are Christmas Spiders.. And the fact you saw it Christmas Day...LOL.. I used to see these heaps when I was a kid but have not seen them since.. Glad to hear you had a great day.. I also did and just about to crash to bed now.. can't wait to see photos of your reno when it is done.. Take Care, Bec xx

  2. Great picuteres, and the are beautiful...but not when they walk over my arm..
    Wishing wonderful days with your family!

  3. wow, congrats on the DT position....your cards are wonderful and creative, great style....blessings to you in the New year!

    enjoy *~*

  4. If I hadn't seen the web I'd never known it was a spider - creepy little things but yes, this is a beautiful craft of mother nature's. :D I can't wait to see more of your wonderful creations in the new year! Congrats on the DT position! :D

  5. oooh, PRETTY! but yeah, keep that pointy thing away from me, please! :D

    can't wait to see what you're doing with T's sketches, Jess! and happy holidays, chickadee! xo

  6. the picyure is great but I am afraid of spiders a lot. Thou it is nice to look at them on picture))))

  7. i can't wait till you post something else so this creepy little thing gets moved down a little lower! LOL!

    happy new year, Jess! hope your holidays were fabulous!


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