Friday, February 5, 2010

Crafty RAK club

Heya all!
I'm here to tell you about a new (well newish) club! called The Crafty RAK Club!
We originally started with a C-Rackers club but due to unforseen circumstances the owner has been forced to close for the time being!
So we the crafty people of the club decided we don't want it to end! So we're back! with a brand new look! We have our own private blog! which you can be apart of!! (no one else can peek!!!)
What's it all about? Well Random act of kindness of course! and lots of organised swapping!
ooo and we even have a birthday club too! So you'll always have post on your birthday!!!
Want to join?
No problem!
We'd love to have you in our team!
Just send Carlyann an e-mail to with your name and your address
(this is never disclosed to anyone bar the club members to obviously swap!) hehe!
Look forward to seeing you there!!

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