Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Hi all.
I just wanted to post some photos taken onver the long weekend.
We started with a bath to get all shiny and clean before our visitors arrived...
We had fantastic BBQ weather on Sunday and our family (who lives close enough) came out to eat with us which was lovely. Our girls got spoilt rotten, I may just have to help them eat some of thier chocolate! The first photo is (John's parents) Michael and Lorraine, John, Myself and the Girls.
It wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt! John made it easy for Charlotte... both the girls had a great time :)
Let me explain my little trend setters out fit here, Grandma and Pop always spoil our girls, along with chocolate Aimee also recieved a new doona cover, bed socks and sport socks. She wanted to put the sport socks on straight away and do sports! Her sports consisted of push ups, running and few games of totem tennis with anyone who would play. She is a funny little girl :)
This afternoon John pulled a canvas out of the shed and it had a bit of water damage at one end so I set up the easel for the girls and they painted something lovely to hang on the sunroom wall, they had a great time and Aimee didn't mind that Charlotte wanted to paint on her side too. Can you see Aimee's fireworks? I love her imagination!
I was going to take another photo of Aimee asleep under her new doona cover tonight but they are coming out too dark or too yukky with the flash lol so we'll take one tomorrow.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with lots of yummy food and good company xx


  1. Cute photo's Jessica. Sure sounds like you and the family had a blast.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  2. Love that bath photo, that's a doozy! Bet that will scrap up very nicely.

    x Marcia


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